SunHerbal ChinaMed prepared Chinese herbal medicine in capsule

  • 90 high strength prepared Chinese medicine herbal capsules (78 capsules for 13 days).
  • Empirical & essential formulas designed for specific conditions.
  • Convenient, high strength 6:1 product.
  • Condition based indications.
  • User friendly product names.
  • Easy to use & cost effective for patients.
  • Excellent patient compliance.
  • Time & space efficient for dispensing.
  • Manufactured from ‘A’ grade herbs to Australian GMP standards.
  • Two weeks supply per bottle.
  • Order online worldwide available now.

Some of the ChinaMed formulas are adaptations of commonly used traditional formulas, with modifications to enhance their clinical efficacy. All have been developed with the assistance of several renowned Chinese herbal doctors, who are leaders in their field, with a lifetime of clinical experience as well as expertise in the development of prepared herbal products for the domestic market in China.

An unique feature of the ChinaMed range is that each formula has been named and labeled so that you are able to see at glance the major indications for each product. While it is true that one formula may have several uses clinically, SunHerbal have chosen to name each one according to the most common clinical indication. this is especially appropriate as most of the formulas have been developed to treat a specific condition, such as eczema, IBS or chronic sinusitis.

Sun Herbal ChinaMed capsules are all manufactured in China from ‘A’ grade herbs. the most advanced methods of extracting and concentrating whole herbs are used in the manufacture of ChinaMed capsules to produce a 6:1 final product.

For the convenience of both practitioner and patient, each bottle containing 78 capsules, which will last 2 weeks at the recommended dosage. You will find that ChinaMed formulas are competitively priced and cost considerably less than a standard 60 capsules.

Please visit our online shop to find out each product’s detail, or buy them online.

Note: Any of them is not always available. Some of them have already banned by NZ DOC or Custom.

Code Pinyin Name English Name
CM100 An chuan ling 暗疮灵 Acne formula
CM121 Pi fu bing jie du fang 皮肤病解毒方 Acute eczema formula
CM119 Long dan xie gan tang (wan) 龙胆泻肝汤(丸) Anti-inflamm Formula
CM105 Chuan xin lian jie du fang 穿心莲解毒方 Antitox 1 formula
CM175 Huang lian jie du tang 黄连解毒汤 Antitox 2 formula
CM107 Du huo ji sheng tang (jia wei) 独活寄生汤(加味) Arthritis 1 formula
CM126 Guan jie yan jiao nang 关节炎胶囊 Arthritis 2 formula
CM176 Yao tui tong shen xiao fang 腰腿痛神效方 Back & Knees formula
CM177 Gu niao bu shen fang 固尿补肾方 Bladder function 1 formula
CM131 Xue fu zhu yu tang (wan) 血府逐瘀汤(丸) Blood moving formula
CM178 Tong bian qing chang fang 通便清肠方 Bowel Detox formula
CM129 Run chang tong bian fang 润肠通便汤 Bowel mover formula
CM150 Tian wang bu xin wan (dan) 天王补心(丸)丹 Calm the spirit formula
CM151 Qiang xin shen mai jian nang 强心参麦胶囊 Cardiac formula
CM152 Tong mai jiang zhi fang 通脉降脂方 Cholesterol formula
CM116 Liang xue xiao feng san 凉血消风散 Chronic eczema formula
CM111 Guo min bi yan fang 过敏鼻炎方 Chronic sinus formula
CM179 Qing gan qu zhi fang 清肝去脂方 Clear the liver formula
CM180 Wen dan tang 温胆汤 Clear the phlegm formula
CM153 Huang lian shang qing fang 黄连上清方(丸) Clear the toxins formula
CM181 Qi ju di huang wan 杞菊地黄丸 Clear Vision formula
CM133 Yin qiao sang ju gan mao ling 银翘桑菊感冒灵 Cold & flu formula
CM149 Zhi sou hua tan te xiao fang 止嗽化痰特效方 Cough clear 1 formula
CM154 Qing qi hua tan zhi ke fang 清气化痰止咳方 Cough clear 2 formula
CM102 Bao he xiao shi fang 保和消食方 Digest-aid formula
CM155 Xiang sha liu jun zi tang (wan) 香砂六君子汤(丸) Digestive tonic formula
CM135 Zhi bai ba wei tang 知柏八味汤 Empty heat formula
CM139 Bu zhong yi qi wan (tang) 补中益气(丸)汤 Energy tonic formula
CM138 An gong gu tai fang 安宫固胎方 Fertility support 2 formula
CM122 Qian lie kang 前列康 Free flow formula
CM182 Huo xiang zheng qi tang 藿香正气汤 Gastro-Aid formula
CM156 Wei yan ning 胃炎宁 Gastrocalm formula
CM115 Jiang tang fang 降糖方 Glycemic support formula
CM145 Qing chang tiao jun fang 清肠调菌方 Gut detox formula
CM183 Tiao jing ning xue fang 调经宁血方 Gyne function 1 formula
CM134 Fu yan ping 妇炎平 Gyne function 2 formula
CM136 Fang tuo sheng fa jiao nang 防脱生发胶囊 Hair growth formula
CM103 Bi min gan te xiao fang 鼻敏感特效方 Hayfever formula
CM157 Pian tou tong fang 偏头疼方 Headache relief formula
CM128 Tong xie yao fang (jia wei) 痛泄要方(加味) Irritable bowel 1 formula
CM123 Shu gan tong bian fang 疏肝通便方 Irritable bowel 2 formula
CM124 Shu jin huo xue tang 舒筋活血汤 Joint ease 1 formula
CM158 Tong feng ding 痛风定 Joint ease 2 formula
CM159 Hu gan jie du fang 护肝解毒方 Liver detox formula
CM142 Fu gan fu zheng jiao nang 复肝扶正胶囊 Liver function formula
CM109 Gan fu kang 肝复康 Liver tonic formula
CM147 Xuan fei tan chuan fang 宣肺痰喘方 Lung function 1 formula
CM143 Fu zheng ding chuan fang 扶正定喘方 Lung function 2 formula
CM144 Jian nao yi zhi fang 健脑益智方 Memor-aid formula
CM110 Geng nian fang 更年方 Menopause 1 formula
CM108 Er xian gan mai da zao fang 二仙甘麦大枣方 Menopause 2 formula
CM160 Nan bao 男宝 Men’s formula
CM127 Tong jing fang 痛经方 Dysmenorrhoea formula
CM132 Yang xin ding zhi fang 养心定志方 Mood-uplift 1 formula
CM161 Jie yu fang 解郁方 Mood – uplift 2 formula
CM162 Nuan gong cheng yun fang 暖宫成孕方 Motherhood formula
CM184 Yang sheng cheng yun fang 养生成孕方  Motherhood 2 formula
CM140 Cu luan cheng yun fang 促卵成孕方 Fertility support 1 formula
CM185 Jing jian qu tong fang 颈肩祛痛方 Neck & Shoulder formula
CM186 Si wu tang 四物汤 Nourish the blood formula
CM163 Gu zhi shu song jiao nang 骨质疏松胶囊 Osteo support formula
CM148 Zhen tong yao fang 镇痛要方 Pain-less formula
CM101 An shen ning ye fang 安神宁夜方 Peaceful sleep formula
CM104 Chai hu shu gan tang (jia wei) 柴胡疏肝汤(加味) PMS formula
CM164 Jiang ya fang 降压方 Pressure down formula
CM120 Niu pi xuan te xiao fang 牛皮癣特效方 Psoriasis formula
CM146 Ren shen yang rong tang 人参养容汤 Qi & blood tonic 1 formula
CM165 Ba zhen tang (wan) 八珍汤(丸) Qi & blood tonic 2 formula
CM137 He wei li qi fang 和胃理气方 Reflux & dyspepsia formula
CM166 Fu gui ba wei tang 附桂八味汤 Rehmannia eight vitality formula
CM117 Ling zhi huang qi gu ben fang 灵芝黄芪固本汤 Resistance 1 formula
CM167 Xiao chai hu tang (wan) 小柴胡汤(丸) Resistance 2 formula
CM168 Gui pi tang (wan) 归脾汤(丸) Restore the spleen formula
CM187 Yi gan san 抑肝散 Settle the emotions formula
CM112 Jia wei ba ji yin yang tang 加味巴戟阴阳汤 Sexual function formula
CM169 Bi yuan tong qiao fang 鼻渊通窍汤 Sinus a – c formula
CM125 Wu wei xiao du yin (jia wei) 五味消毒饮(加味) Antitox 2 formula
CM170 Jie yan qing fei fang 戒烟清肺汤 Smoker’s detox formula
CM106 Die da fang 跌打方 Sports injury formula
CM113 Jia wei xiao yao san 加味逍遥散 Stress relief 1 formula
CM130 Xiao yao san 逍遥散 Stress relief 2 formula
CM171 Jia di fang 甲低方 thyrotone formula
CM141 Ding chan xi feng jiao nang 定颤熄风胶囊 Tremor ease formula
CM188 Ba zheng tong lin fang 八正通淋方 Uro-Clear formula
CM114 Jian fei jiang zhi fang 减肥降脂方 Weight management 1 formula
CM172 Qing ying xian ti jiang zhi fang 轻盈纤体降脂方 Weight management 2 formula
CM173 Nu bao 女宝 Women’s formula
CM189 Mei zi qing ti fang 美姿清体方 WTM 3 body shape formula
CM118 Liu wei di huang wan 六味地黄丸 Yin tonic formula
CM174 Qing chun yang yan fang 青春养颜方 Youthful skin formula
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