Traditional Chinese herbal medicine Classical Formulas and Empirical Formulas were all created by the pioneers of TCM up to thousands years ago and still widely being used by Chinese herbal medicine practitioners nowadays. All formulas have a fixed ingredients. Prepared Chinese herbal medicine is ready-made in pill, capsule, tablet, or granule according to one of those formulas. Those formulas have been playing an very important part in the clinical practice of traditional Chinese herbalism throughout the history. Those prepared formulas treat specific diseases or groups of symptoms. Some formulas were picked up from all by very experienced TCM practitioner to form an essential formulas range to satisfy modern people’s demand. In clinical practice, prescription herbal medicine is likely used for first visit. Prepared herbal medicine is likely used to maintain the good result duo to the cheap price and easy take, or may good enough for people who never have herbal medicine before.

Brand ChinaMed®, Black Pearl® and Red Peony® all belong to SunHerbal which is an Australian based company. ChinaMed, High strength herbal capsules; Black Pearl, Premium quality concentrated herbal pills; Red Peony for Kids, Sugar free & high potency herbal granules; Red Peony for Adults, High potency herbal granule and tablets formulas.

Quality Guarantee: Each Sun Herbal formula is manufactured to a standard enforced by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). This process, the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), covers all areas of production, including the testing of air and water samples, hygiene requirements, the testing of raw materials and, of course, final product testing. Add to this the validation of documentation requirements, batch tracking and cleaning procedures. You can rest assured a Sun Herbal formula is produced to the highest standards.

Why practitioners choose to prescribe Sun Herbal products?

  • “Well designed and effective formulas, clinically relevant selection.” P. K. (Practitioner, NSW)
  • “Consistent quality and easy of use.” L. P. (Practitioner, VIC)
  • “They provide fast and effective results.” G. J. (Practitioner, SA)
  • “These are fantastic products – good quality, easy to use and cost effective for patients…” S.R. (Practitioner, NSW)
  • “Sun Herbal products deliver the required therapeutic results every time. To date, I have hundreds of happy and satisfied patients and swear by the Sun Herbal range.” S.L. (Practitioner, QLD)
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